Making Spaces Marketplace was a boutique style space providing an ever changing array of handmade goods for sale. From July 2011-February 2012 lovers of handmade had a dedicated destination for delighting over locally made products. Designers were offered a unique opportunity within this creative enterprise to display and sell their own wares in the heart of the Parramatta CBD. It was organised and managed by Kirrily Walker of Needle vs Thread and Kirsten Ryan-Semenetz of Forget Me Not Paperware – indie micro business owners with over 15 years of business experience between them.

Our philosophy was based on the idea of "makers helping makers" and our aim was to generate continued support of each other within the handmade community and promote our work to the wider community at the same time. All of which, we are pleased to say, we achieved!

Making Spaces Marketplace was a creative initiative made possible through Pop Up Parramatta (PUP). PUP is a project jointly funded by Arts NSW focused on injecting creative enterprise and creative infrastructure into unused buildings and spaces in Parramatta CBD. The key aims of the project are to:
  • activate vacant commercial and retail spaces
  • promote Parramatta, wider Western Sydney and the region
  • connect, build and support creative enterprise.
The initiative sees Parramatta City Council and building owners matching empty spaces to local designers and artist to showcase their talents, with the intent of rejuvenating and enlivening otherwise ‘dead retail areas’ of the region. Participants in this project undergo a rigorous application process and we were very grateful to be operating under this model. There are currently 55 artists involved in this project across 3 sites and 19 properties. Find out about all of the PUP projects here.

Making Spaces time within the project has now come to a close - please support the remaining artists and creatives involved in Pop Up Parramatta for 2012.