Friday, September 9, 2011

Designer in Focus :: Phoebe Lamps

These are quite something... And we can't put it any better than the designers themselves
The Phoebe lamp is unlike any lamp you have seen before! It’s unique design allows you to effortlessly change the appearance of the lamp. The idea being that you can tailor its look to suit the user or setting. The decorative part of the lamp, typically a piece of paper or fabric, is independent of the lamp itself. When purchased the lamp comes with an insert, however when the appropriate time comes to change the look of the lamp, there is a world of possibilities awaiting. Almost anything you can imagine will work in a Phoebe lamp, from fabrics and wall papers to wrapping paper and even original artworks.

We think these would make a wonderful gift! View the range in store or online

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  1. I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anymore lamps, think I am about to break that promise. These lamps are just great, so different and versatile