Monday, October 3, 2011

*bespoke* giveaway

A little treat for you!

Go into the draw to win a copy of *bespoke* zine by leaving a comment here. Simply state which issue you'd love to own (this is a perfectly acceptable case of judging a book by its gorgeous hand illustrated cover!) and cross your fingers until 19th October when we'll draw 3 lucky winners.

 issue #4

  issue #3

  issue #2

 *bespoke* is a quarterly independently created Australian zine all about handmade, vintage, photography, art, micro-business, eco-friendly goodness and much more – all in a sweet little A5 sized package that you can take anywhere! Professionally printed in full-colour, brimming with crafty goodness! Only 1000 units are produced of each issue and Making Spaces is a proud stockist of this delightful little zine.


  1. Thankyou! Issue 2 would be my choice!

  2. Pick me! Pick me! I'm a little bit smitten with the cover of issue #2.
    To be honest I must have been hiding under a rock because I didn't know this existed until just now. Thanks Making Spaces for feeding my sewing/craft addiction!

  3. It's a hard decision between issue 4 and issue 2, but I think I'll have to go with issue 2 as well - it reminds me of beautiful magnolia flowers :-)

  4. I already have #3 so any of the other 2 would be perfect!! Great giveaway guys!

    Xo Steph

  5. I think I would love issue 4 (lovin' the hint of blue)

  6. i have never seen this before
    issue #3 has a very appealing cover :o)

  7. Oooo...I would love to win issue one because I gave a copy to 3 crafty friends for Christmas last year and didn't keep one for myself. However, I know that you are very short on that issue, so issue 4 would be divine!

  8. Issue 2 - just beautiful as they all are....

  9. I'm going to say Issue 2 (the colours! the composition!), even though I was commenting on the lovely illustration on the cover pic of issue 3 on Making Spaces Facebook page... Do I get brownie points for having commented on a cover before the giveaway even started? :D

  10. Very difficult to choose between #3 and #4 but I'll go with #3 just to be different.Jenn

  11. Thank you every one for entering our *bespoke* giveaway! The winners of each category have been drawn!

    Issue #2 :: Scared Stitchless

    Issue #3 :: Jenn

    Issue #4 :: Jane

    Congratulations to you all! To claim your issue, please email your name and postal address to makingspacesmarketplace[@] and we’ll get it out to you straight away.

    Thanks again for joining in the fun!